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Dear ACN membership,

Are you looking for a way to improve your written and oral communication skills? Do you have a passion to learn and use new skills in your calling as a Minister, a church assistant or perhaps a Christian desiring to grow in knowledge of the Scriptures? If so, you need look no further.

Online education is the wave of the future as college tuitions become unsustainable. Even Seminaries are out of reach pertaining to financial considerations, not to mention that many who are involved in serving Churches cannot leave their positions to attend campuses. Also, many if not all online Seminaries charge huge tuitions.


GPS Seminary has developed a curriculum designed for those who may not time or resources to take a full load of courses even if they were affordable, so GPS is allowing students to enroll by the course at a reasonable fee for each individual class.


I not only would appreciate discussing your desire to enroll and study at GPS, but I am offering the opportunity for each of you to take a tour of GPS online. It is simple.


Go to and there you will see a front page. There is some basic information there and if you would care to take a closer look, you can click on the Guest Login icon. Once the next page opens you will see the individual courses listed and each one will have a small PayPal icon and a key icon. It is not necessary to click on the PayPal icon unless you are enrolling in that course but clicking on the key icon will take you to another page where you will be asked to enter a password. If you enter the password, you will see a detailed description of the course and what is involved in studying and testing for that class. I ask that this password not be shared outside of the ACN membership as I created it just for you. The password is Guest#238.

We will be adding additional courses going forward. Some will be video classes taught by some of the foremost Bible teachers such as Bishop James Baker, Dr. Andrew Willis, etc.


For any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Louis Green



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